Tis The Season For Frost

As the leaves change color and temperatures continue to get cooler, frost delays become more common. Frost can be unpredictable, and will often times form right at sunrise. This can cause a delay to the first tee time even though there did not appear to be a frost as you traveled to the golf course. [...]

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Bunker Maintenance

One of the most frequent questions we get about daily course conditions is about bunker conditions.  Ultimately, our goal is to provide firm, smooth, and consistent playing conditions in all the bunkers at HCC.  Take a moment to view 2 videos from the USGA that I have linked to this article that explain the many maintenance practices and challenges [...]

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Winter Damage: You are Probably Not Alone

  Interesting article from the USGA about the large amount of winter kill on golf courses in the northeast region. http://www.usga.org/course-care/regional-updates/northeast-region/winter-damage–you-re-probably-not-alone.html  

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New Birdhouses on Golf Courses and a Fox Family

You might notice some new birdhouses on the golf courses.  These birdhouses were built by students of the Milton Hershey School with a little guidance from the turf maintenance team.  Recently, the Milton Hershey students from the Rialto House visited the turf maintenance facility for a tour of the facility and to learn about some of [...]

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Footgolf… … … A whole new ball game!

There’s a new buzz word circling around the Turf Maintenance department this Spring.  Footgolf. This April, Spring Creek Golf Course will introduce footgolf as a way of reaching out to a new market of potential golfers.  Footgolf is a relatively new sport that has been growing in popularity throughout the country.  Players will kick a [...]

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New Drainage on 6 West and Creek Restoration

Over the course of the last few weeks, the course maintenance team has been busy fixing and adding drainage near the end of #6 fairway.  As the drainage project was progressing we were able to use left over soil from the drainage project to fill in holes along the creek that had eroded over the years.  [...]

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Why do some lawns have more snow mold than others?

Below is a link to a recent article from the Penn State Turfgrass department regarding snow mold in home lawns.  I know many home lawns have a generally brown look coming out of this tough winter.  The speed of the spring green up is directly related to soil temperatures.  As the soil  temperatures rise with higher air temperatures [...]

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Hershey Country Club Golf Courses Recertified by Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program

(Hershey, PA – March 25, 2015) – Both the East and West courses of Hershey Country Club have been recertified by the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for the next three years as a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” through the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses, a branch of Audubon International. To obtain certification, courses [...]

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Turf Maintenance Team Receives Professional Chain Saw Training

On the chilly morning of March 18, the Stihl Company came to the turf maintenance center and provided the team with a 2 hour live chain saw training session.  The session provided many key safety factors about safely running a chain saw and proper cutting techniques for cutting down trees.  This was a fantastic opportunity for [...]

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Snow Blowing Greens!!

Just in case there was any doubt, the turf maintenance team is as anxious for the snow to be gone as anybody. (See video link at the end of the post) We are out removing snow from the greens to try to create channels for the melting water to escape the green surface.  Since the soil is still frozen, [...]

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Winter Play can mean Tough Decisions

Happy New Year Everybody!  As I write this, it is still cold and frozen outside, but inevitably warmer temperatures are on the way and we will soon be playing golf again.  I wanted to take the time to post some quality information about winter play and about how we make decisions to open and close [...]

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Drainage #6 West

Recently the Turf Maintenance team completed a drainage project to right of 6 green on the West Course to improve the surface drainage in that area.  Over the years, existing drainage in the area became clogged and dysfunctional.  Often times, there would be standing water in the area for a long period of time which [...]

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What is the orange dust on my golf shoes and cart?

This has been a common question golfers have been asking recently.  The answer is simply, Rust.  This type of rust is actually a fungal disease that commonly develops on drought stressed turf. When rust is severe, the grass will have a yellowish-orange appearance. A orange dust will fill the air when the grass is mowed and collects [...]

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Do We Need To Aerate the Greens Now?

The timing of aerification is a reoccurring question golfers have each year. I wanted to take a moment to address this question with West Course aerification approaching after Labor Day. The following short article published by the USGA, effectively talks about the timing and need for core aeration on the golf course.  Hope you have a Great Labor [...]

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The Proper Way To Fix a Ball Mark

One of the most common questions we are asked is:  “What is the right way to fix a ball mark?” .  With all of the rain we have had the last few weeks, there have been quite a few ball marks on both courses.  The following link is a well done 2 minute video by the USGA [...]

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