Tis The Season For Frost

As the leaves change color and temperatures continue to get cooler, frost delays become more common. Frost can be unpredictable, and will often times form right at sunrise. This can cause a delay to the first tee time even though there did not appear to be a frost as you traveled to the golf course. [...]

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It’s Hot Outside And So Is The Turf

 The HCC Turf Maintenance team is busy trying to keep the turf cool in what seems like an unending heat wave.  The excessive heat can have many negative effects on turf including disease, root decline, and thinning turf due to traffic and high temperatures.  In order to combat the heat, we are taking many preventative [...]

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Why artificial mats are used on Driving Ranges

I wanted to post this short video released by the USGA that does a nice job describing the need for artificial mats on the driving range tee.  It also describes some best practices for taking divots on the driving range tees to promote recovery.  We appreciate your help to keep the driving range looking green.   [...]

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Busy Bees

Just wanted to give a quick update on the HCC Bee’s.  Since they took up residence at HCC in April, the bee population has quadrupled in size and is thriving.  Ben Gotwalt, the HCC resident Bee Keeper has added 3 more boxes to each hive to accommodate the growing population.  The queen bees have been busy laying [...]

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How Can I Prevent Summer Stress On My Home Lawn?

Now that it is officially summer and the heat is starting to ramp up, I often times get questions about how to keep your lawn green all summer long.  There are a few basic tips that will help cut down on summer stress on your yard. 1.  Raise your mowing height.  No need to be [...]

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Expanded Stepcut Around Greens on East Course

In addition to expanding some landing areas on East Course Fairways, we are now in the process of creating a larger stepcut around the greens.  We are expanding the intermediate cut around the greens by 3 feet.  The reason for the expansion is to help the East Course play closer to the way it was [...]

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Grass Paver Cart Path Intalled

The Grass paver cart path has been installed on 4 West.  The new turf will take a couple of weeks to establish and then we will start routing cart traffic to the right side of the hole.  

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Mosqutio Control

There have been many stories in the news recently related to mosquitos and controlling mosquitos because of the threat of the Zika Virus.  I wanted to write a post to let members know about measures we are taking at HCC to be proactive in reducing our mosquito populations.  We have already applied a biological control product [...]

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How Are The Foxes Doing?

If you remember last year about this time I was writing a blog to inform you of the new family of foxes we had living on 13 West.  I frequently get asked about the HCC foxes, so I thought now would be a good time to give an update.  It appears most of the pups from [...]

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New Cartpath on 4 West

As most of you know, since the old chocolate factory closed, hole number 4 has become increasingly wet because of the reduced amount of water being pumped from the underground aquifer to cool the chocolate factory.  This has created some problems with our current cart path and how the hole plays within the rules of [...]

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HCC Honey Bees

This past Saturday HCC became a happy home for about 10,000 honey bees.  We have added 2 new honey bee boxes on the West Course between 11 tee and 12 green.  Ben Gotwalt, Asst. Superintendent West, has put in a great deal of time to learn about the bees and is excited to be our resident bee keeper. Why [...]

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What Should I be Doing to My Yard?

As the weather finally starts to turn a little warmer more consistently, many people want to get out and get their yard looking nice for the year.  One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is:  When should I apply my Weed and Feed?  The answer is now!  Weeds are starting to actively grow [...]

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The Timeline of Poa Seed Head Control

It is that time of the year when many golfers are happy with  the firm and fast greens coming out of winter, but the turf maintenance team is already thinking about the next annual event in the cycle of Poa greens which is the dreaded seed head season.  Seed heads are produced annually by the Poa [...]

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Under The Covers

Last week was a nice prelude to Spring. Unfortunately that weather has not continued this week, but it did give the turf maintenance team a chance to get out on the courses and remove the turf covers that we applied in December and January.  We were also able to get all the fine turf mowed [...]

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Preparing The Golf Course For Winter

I hope many of you have enjoyed the warm November and got a few more rounds in before the weather turns too cold.  I recently attended a turf conference where a meteorologist spoke to the long range forecast for the winter.  His forecast was that the back half of this winter could shape up to be [...]

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