Tis The Season For Frost

As the leaves change color and temperatures continue to get cooler, frost delays become more common. Frost can be unpredictable, and will often times form right at sunrise. This can cause a delay to the first tee time even though there did not appear to be a frost as you traveled to the golf course. [...]

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Winter Play can mean Tough Decisions

Happy New Year Everybody!  As I write this, it is still cold and frozen outside, but inevitably warmer temperatures are on the way and we will soon be playing golf again.  I wanted to take the time to post some quality information about winter play and about how we make decisions to open and close [...]

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Drainage #6 West

Recently the Turf Maintenance team completed a drainage project to right of 6 green on the West Course to improve the surface drainage in that area.  Over the years, existing drainage in the area became clogged and dysfunctional.  Often times, there would be standing water in the area for a long period of time which [...]

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What is the orange dust on my golf shoes and cart?

This has been a common question golfers have been asking recently.  The answer is simply, Rust.  This type of rust is actually a fungal disease that commonly develops on drought stressed turf. When rust is severe, the grass will have a yellowish-orange appearance. A orange dust will fill the air when the grass is mowed and collects [...]

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Do We Need To Aerate the Greens Now?

The timing of aerification is a reoccurring question golfers have each year. I wanted to take a moment to address this question with West Course aerification approaching after Labor Day. The following short article published by the USGA, effectively talks about the timing and need for core aeration on the golf course.  Hope you have a Great Labor [...]

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The Proper Way To Fix a Ball Mark

One of the most common questions we are asked is:  “What is the right way to fix a ball mark?” .  With all of the rain we have had the last few weeks, there have been quite a few ball marks on both courses.  The following link is a well done 2 minute video by the USGA [...]

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More Storm Damage from 7/8/14


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Storm Damage From 7/8/14

11 Tee West    

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Hershey Country Club Turf Team 2014

Full Time Turf Maintenance employees with years of service in parentheses.  Darwin Berkheiser (46), Mark Malasavage (39), Greg Bashore (37), Scott Swartz (32), Joe Zangari (31), Mike Layman (30), Matt Malick (15), Brett Sugden (12), Chuck Miller (11), Josh Gepfer (11), Josh Kling (11), Dave McMinn (9), Brian Wolfgang (8), Nate Roeting (8),  Aaron Snyder (7), Rory Glunt [...]

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A New Home for Woody Woodpecker on #10 West

Perhaps you have noticed the piece of wood hanging from the tree close to 10 tee on the West.  It may look out of place, but it is actually a new house for a family of woodpeckers.  Seven baby woodpeckers fell out of a tree near 10 west and were sitting by the base of [...]

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Annual Bluegrass Weevil

Recently we have discovered some damage on the East Course collars from the Annual Bluegrass Weevil.  As its name suggests, this pest feeds primarily on annual bluegrass which makes up a large percentage of the fine turf on the East and West golf courses.  This pest has become an increasing problem in recent years. The weevil [...]

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East Course Tee Project, Final Update

The construction on phase 1 of the new tees on the East Course has concluded and all the sod has been laid.  The first 6 tees have opened for play.  The tees on 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 will be opening in the coming days and 14, 15, and 17 will be the last three [...]

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13 West Fairway Bunker Restoration

Bunker under construction This was the only bunker that was not cleaned out and restored over the last few years.  Last week the turf maintenance team cleaned out the left side fairway bunker on 13 and restored the shape of the bunker to its original design.  We added bunker liner, drainage, and new sand to complete [...]

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East Course Tee Project Update

The tee project has been slowed down by  weather the past few weeks, but there has been progress.  The tees on 1 and 2 are complete.  The existing forward tee on 3 has been rebuilt and a new forward tee on 3 and 4 have been built.  A new bigger forward tee on 1 West is [...]

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Sand Added to West Course Bunkers

The course maintenance team has started to add sand to the west course bunkers.  We started on the greenside on 18 and moved to the greenside on hole 1.  We will be adding sand to numerous bunkers throughout the course over the next few weeks.  The goal of the project is to get a consistent depth [...]

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